Falling off a ladder can lead to serious injuries. You could break an arm or a leg, suffer damage to your spinal cord, or even incur traumatic brain injury. If you fall off a ladder on a construction or at the workplace, there are important steps to take.

Report the Accident

If you were injured at work, make sure to report the accident to a your boss or to the Human Resources department before you leave the premises. You will need proof the accident occurred in order to file for workers’ compensation or hold the property owner or developer liable.

Recognize Witnesses

Look around and identify any witnesses who saw your fall. Make sure to include them in your report, and if they are not co-workers, get their contact information.

See a Doctor

As soon as possible after the accident, go to a doctor. If you are seriously injured, you should accept emergency medical treatment and go to the hospital. If you do not appear to have serious injuries, you should still see a medical professional soon after the accident.

Call A Workplace Accident Lawyer

The best way to ensure that you secure the maximum available compensation after a ladder fall is to retain a seasoned injury attorney as soon as you can after your accident.