The laws in each state allow you to pursue a workers’ compensation claim without fear of punishment or harassment from your employer. If your employer makes it difficult for you to freely exercise these rights, they could face penalties.

What Are My Rights Against Parties Other Than My Employer?

Sometimes an on-the-job injury is caused by the fault or negligence of a third party, such as the manufacturer of defective equipment, or the driver of a delivery truck. You may have the right to bring an injury claim against that person or entity. Typically, such a claim isn’t filed in the workers’ compensation universe, but in civil court as a lawsuit. Filing a civil lawsuit for work-related injuries means you can typically seek payment for some losses that aren’t recoverable in a workers’ compensation claim.

Next Steps After a Workplace Injury

If you think the circumstances of your workplace injury might enable you to file a workers’ compensation claim or take other legal action, it might make sense to discuss your situation with a lawyer. Learn more about when to hire a workers’ comp lawyer, and when to get help from a personal injury lawyer.